Where does PhycoBoost™ come from? The essence of Cyantific’s™ products can be traced back to a pristine lake in the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Fed by clear mountain streams and nutrient-rich volcanic soil, the lake is home to a uniquely pure and healthy form of blue green algae that have been sustainably harvested for more than 20 years. Cyantific™ has been able to refine the extraordinary, antioxidant–rich compounds these algae use to protect themselves, and we’ve brought these compounds to skin care.
For us its more than just delivering a powerful product with serious results though. We’re committed to preserving health and beauty in all of its forms from preserving the breathtaking natural splendor of the lake that supports the growth of these unique algae to preserving the fresh, unique and remarkable beauty that’s found in every one of us.
Unlike other algae used for cosmetics, which are either grown in labs and artificial growth systems or harvested using environmentally careless methods, our algae are collected in a conscientious, environmentally-sensitive manner that respects the complex, delicate ecosystem of the lake and its surroundings.