Nature's Way to Defy Age

Cyantific Skin Care Products

Each Cyantific Skin Care product contains a natural and potent form of blue-green algae extract that absorbs skin-damaging UV rays and helps protect your skin. When this extract, only found in Cyantific Skin Care, is combined with key amino acids, moisture retaining carbohydrates and antioxidants you get a uniquely effective skincare line powered by nature’s best elements and proven by smart science.

All of our products were inspired by nature when microbiologist Stephanie Smith noticed a particular strain of blue-green algae that was virtually immune to harmful rays from the sun. 

After extracting these natural compounds she created PhycoBoost which is only available in our skincare products. The blue-green algae used by Cyantific contain compounds that absorb skin-damaging UV light better than anything else known to exist in nature.

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Your satisfcation matters. All of our products have a 100% money back guarantee. 


Kristin - *****
I found the serum to be my favorite of the Cyantific set. It has a lovely scent and I could feel my skin tightening immediately after I applied it. I even let a friend and a family member try it when they came here for a visit. They loved it, too!

Jessica - *****

I have never used a three step skin care program for longer than about a month. I have very sensitive skin that seems to react poorly to most skin care lines from department stores, and even Neirum. What I like the most is the fact that people tell me I have great looking skin, what I SHOULD like the most is the protection I get from the sun screen. But let's be honest, I really like the complements I get as a 54 year old ;)

Nancy- *****

The night cream absorbs well and my skin feels soft, not greasy. I've been using the combination of serum, lotion and night cream for several weeks now and my skin looks and feels soft and smooth.

our promise to your skin

If for any reason you feel Cyantific Skin Care products aren't right for your skin, return the unused portion for a full refund.
Simple as that.