a scientific approach

As scientists working with blue-green algae, the Cyantific™ Skin Care team observed that during the blistering heat of summer, the algae resisted damage caused by the sun's UV rays. We searched scientific literature and found that decades earlier, blue-green algae had been discovered to contain compounds that absorb UV light better than anything known to exist in nature. The potential power of those compounds had also been widely discussed in the skin industry, and it was our next challenge to determine how to enrich the elements for anti-aging skin care products.

First, our scientists identified a natural and sustainable source of blue-green algae in one of America’s beautiful lakes of the Pacific Northwest. We then developed an original, patent-pending process that enabled us to not only extract the protective compounds in a highly-refined form, but to do so through an environmentally-friendly process free of solvents and other harmful chemicals.

The result is PhycoBoost™, an extraordinary, natural extract that contains unique amino acids, moisture-retaining carbohydrates, powerful antioxidants, and the ability to protect DNA from damage.